Ten schools participated in this event, where students' original works were sent to eight different locations: International School Basel, ICS Inter-Community School Zurich, International School of Zug and Luzern, International School Zurich North, International School of Schaffhausen, International School of Geneva – Campus des Nations, Aiglon College, Collège du Léman International School and Verbier International School. Follow the artworks on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #SGISArtTravel #SGISarts. 


This inaugural event - organised by SGIS Arts and hosted by ISBerne - brought together over 60 arts teachers from more than 30 international schools across Switzerland. It was an exciting and fruitful day of learning, sharing and discussion. A total of 16 workshops were offered, facilitated by 16 participating teachers. It was wonderful not only to see such positive interactions throughout the day, but to hear of teachers' intent to maintain relationships and connections (re)established during the event. There is so much potential for continued growth and student/teacher collaboration amongst schools in SGIS.



The winners of the the SGIS Arts Logo Competition are Victoria (17) and Marie (17) from International School Rheintal. Their striking design was chosen by the SGIS Board, which made the following remarks: "We appreciated the movement incorporated in this logo, representing creative freedom. It is clean, light and fresh, with both SGIS and the Arts clearly communicated. This logo stood out as somewhat different from the others, with a nice dash of colour."

Victoria and Marie submitted the following rationale for their entry: "We created a logo for the SGIS website to introduce the new arts programme. This Logo design incorporates the elements of art which include drama, visual arts, dance and music through conceptual and visual forms. We created this logo by following the criteria and including our own creativity. Our logo consists mainly of shapes to portray a person surrounded by inspiration symbolizing a free-flowing spirit. We envisioned this as a representation of the art realm."

Many congratulations to Victoria and Marie, and thank you to all the students who took part in this event!

Job Alike - IB Diploma Language A


Date: 20 February, 2022
Location: ISB Aesch Campus

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