Guidelines for SGIS Funding for PD Groups

SGIS Mission Statement: The Swiss Group of International Schools actively supports the continuous improvement of its member schools by creating opportunities for collaboration and connection.

SGIS can support member schools by:

  • facilitating professional development opportunities within Switzerland and by assisting professional groups to work together for their mutual benefit.
  • providing development opportunities not locally available and to groups of professionals often overlooked in traditional training budgets.

Each year SGIS allocates funds to support a number of professional development groups that operate within the SGIS schools community. Funds are managed by the SGIS Executive Committee and reported on each year at the AGM.
Applications can be for funding to support an entire event or as a contribution towards the costs of an event where other sources of funding contribute.

This limited fund can be accessed by the group’s nominated representative applying to the Executive Secretary of SGIS using the standard application form. The intention of the process is not to be overly bureaucratic whilst ensuring that limited funds are spent wisely and prudently.

In deciding on the distribution of funds the SGIS Executive Committee uses the following guidelines:

  • the standard application must be completed in full, giving sufficient information to allow the committee to make an informed decision.
  • the event is additional to the Professional Development Training that would normally be part of an individual school training budget.
  • the event demonstrates good value for money, including details of co-funding or attendance charges. The committee will consider both the costs and the rationale for the training provided when making decisions about value for money.
  • the subject matter of the event clearly meets an identified need and adds value to the professional development of the group involved.
  • where the event includes delegates from non SGIS member schools, funding may be approved for Level 2 (facilitator/training) up to a maximum of CHF 1000 per event, however, funding associated with Level 1 (event management) will only be made available to offset costs for SGIS delegates up to the maximum of CHF 500 per event.

Allocation of funds:

Level 1: Event Management:  including room hire, advertising, logistical costs, where the event cannot be hosted in SGIS member school  up to a maximum of CHF 500.- per event.

Level 2: Speaker or Training costs: up to a maximum of CHF 1000.- per event.
All applicants will be notified as soon as possible as to the result of their application by the SGIS Executive Secretary. Those in receipt of funding must undertake to carry out the event as detailed in the application and must publicise the contribution made by SGIS both in event literature and during the event.

A brief written report is a condition of funding and must be submitted to the Executive Secretary no later than 28 days after the event. The report should comment on the planned versus actual for attendance and budget and assess if the planned outcomes of the event were achieved.

Payment of the funds allocated is by invoice only. Invoices should be sent to SGIS and come directly from the host school, not the presenters or caters. Invoices must be submitted by June 30th.

Application form for SGIS Funding Support for Professional Development Groups