Collège du Léman is one of Switzerland’s most prestigious international schools, located on the edge of Lake Geneva in view of the Swiss Alps. We welcome children from 2 to 18 years old to become part of a truly international community with more than 120 different nationalities. Our vision is to shape generations that harness differences and empower our students to change the world for the better.
We nurture individual strengths through our outstanding educators and the sheer breadth of opportunities that we offer as part of our curriculum and activities.
Collège du Léman is part of the Nord Anglia Education family of more than 80 premium schools, educating students in over 30 countries.

Supporting and encouraging students, helping them to enjoy and make the most of the learning opportunities the school offers. As a Librarian you use your skills as well as commitment, enthusiasm and integrity to manage, develop, promote and evaluate an effective learning resource and information service which supports learning and teaching across the school.
You are an educator; someone who is able to manage, advise and support students and to present to a whole class/large group on matters such as research and study skills.
You will access the curriculum and make suggestions and collate resources for teachers when asked. You will be creative in considering and proposing different approaches and activities which might work well at CDL.
Your human skills and spontaneity will aid the dialogue with your colleagues and students.


  • Promoting the school’s mission and vision by assisting students, both day and boarding, to discover and develop individual strengths, make powerful, lifelong global connections, and be their best selves. 
  • Contributing to the creation of a caring and inclusive learning environment in which students can flourish, ensuring that each student’s health and well-being are given the necessary priority. 
  • Embodying and promoting Collège du Léman’s RISE values of Respect, Internationalism, Spirit, and Excellence.

Relating to the School Curriculum: Planning, Implementation and Review

  • Updating and implementing a Library policy which incorporates the educational aims and objectives of the school and complies with copyright and the school’s disciplinary code.
  • Interacting with the coordinators of IB, AP, IGCSE, French Baccaulauréat & Maturité Fédérale.
  • Being the main expert on plagiarism and academic research, to give information on bibliography and footnotes.
  • Setting objectives and develop action plans to achieve them.

Relating to the Library Environment

  • Organising and managing the library books, periodical and electronic resources (materials) to support teaching and learning throughout the school
  • Organising and managing the loan of all documents, reminders, overdue materials
  • Researching into new ways of supplying and utilising digital materials for the library e.g. ebooks and data bases.

Relating to Library Users

  • Ensuring the effective use of the library by classes and individuals.
  • Maintaining a welcoming, supportive atmosphere conducive to positive learning experiences.

Relating to the Students

  • Supervising students using the library for independent study.
  • To support and advise students in the use of information resources to assist their curricular and leisure needs.
  • To promote knowledge of library skills, literature and reading individually and with regular class visits and lesson planning in collaboration with teachers.
  • To supervise and train students in connection with REACH, CAS etc.
  • To promote external projects with classes and staff as appropriate.

Relating to the Staff Team:

  • To utilise the materials and sources available and inform the teachers as required for the curriculum.
  • To assist teachers with appropriate information material during their class visits.
  • To research materials (book, periodical, internet) for subjects at the individual request of teachers.
  • To liaise with heads of departments, IB and subject coordinators for information on the needs of the curriculum over the year (for material selection), extended essays and, on a monthly basis, to recommend appropriate books, articles etc.
  • To provide external professional sources (authors, illustrators, storytellers, publishers, journalists) to educate and encourage students.

Relating to the Parents:

  • To assist and inform parents about the library layout, materials and regulations of use.
  • To recommend materials for curriculum and leisure use as requested by them.
  • To keep parents informed about their child(ren)’s overdue and lost books.

Relating to the Hierarchy - Administration

  • Maintaining regular contact with the Principals and Heads of Departments.
  • Consulting and advising the Principals concerning orders of material, future plans etc.
  • Setting annual objectives and develop related action plans, monitoring progress towards the objectives and communicating such action plans and progress to the Principals and Heads of Departments.
  • Taking responsibility for and managing the library budget, including the preparation of budget bids and estimates.
  • Working with the Accounts Department particularly for overdues.
  • Working with the IT Department for assistance with electronic resources and developments.
  • Promoting the librarian’s professional development and assisting them in maintaining a comprehensive awareness of current development in information and library management, education and children’s literature (Librarian Professional Development Courses, ECIS etc. and visits to Book Fairs).
  • Building relationships with SGIS librarians (in Switzerland) to achieve the above and share skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Liaising with the Boarding House department and ensure that students will use the space (with the help of tutors).

Skills / Qualities Required
A bachelor’s degree with experience in a related field and fluency in both French and English is required for the post.
Prior skills and knowledge include a sense of service, patience, and availability, as well as effective organisation and anticipation. A strong cultural background, along with an interest and openness to both people and technologies, is also valued. Good interpersonal skills and excellent communication, both with staff and students, are essential.
You are methodical, structured, and capable of demonstrating empathy, listening skills, and attentiveness. Ethical awareness, sensitivity to cultural differences, and the ability to manage stress are also sought-after qualities.


  • Professional librarian qualification is preferred.
  • Librarian within a secondary school is highly preferred.

It is important that the post holder is always aware of Child Protection guidelines and observes a professional distance from students whilst still developing effective working and caring relationships. You understand and embrace the importance of diversity and inclusion and stand against discrimination in any form. Background investigations and reference checks for the past ten years will be conducted during the selection process.
All areas of this job specification are subject to regular review and changes.