Educated in New Zealand, where I taught for 4 years before heading out to see the world, and get my OE (Overseas Experience). While living in London I replied to an advert for teachers for the International School of Geneva. This began my career in international education as a teacher, principal and director. It took me to Vienna International School, to opening and developing Bonn International School in Germany, as well as 4 schools in Switzerland. I have been involved in accreditation teams as a member and a team chair for CIS and NEASC. I was part of the team that developed the ISCP, which became the IBPYP.
I was a member of the SGIS Board for 6 years while I was Elementary School Principal at College du Leman, and Chair of the ECIS Committee for Elementary School Principals. I was a member of the Board of ECIS for 6 years while I was Director of ISBerne, and a member of the Board of The Academy of International School Heads, also while I was Director of ISBerne.

Since my retirement from ISBerne I have continued my involvement in international education.

I was acting as a consultant to the A-JIS Group in Tokyo, helping them develop their first international school while I was at ISBerne.  I have continued working with them on their IB programmes and developing their bilingual early learning centres. I am a member of the Advisory Board for the Aoba/Southern Cross University Online teacher professional development programme and the IB Consortium which works with Japanese Ministry of Education to bring IB programmes to Japanese state and private schools. I am also a member of the Advisory Board for Tandem International Multilingual School, Zurich.
I have been involved in 5 year and preliminary visits for NEASC during this time as well as being Director, Head Searches for Compass Education Consultancy.