Andy Hargreaves is Research Professor in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College and holds Visiting Professorships at Hong Kong University and the University of Stavanger in Norway. He is President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement, Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Professional Capital and Community, Adviser in Education to the Premier of Ontario and the First Minister of Scotland, and founder of the Atlantic Rim Collaboratory (ARC): a group of 9 nations committed to broadly defined excellence, equity, wellbeing, inclusion, democracy and human rights

Andy has consulted with the OECD, the World Bank, governments, universities and teacher unions worldwide. Andy’s more than 30 books have attracted multiple Outstanding Writing Awards – including the prestigious 2015 Grawemeyer Award in Education for Professional Capital (with Michael Fullan). He has been honored with the 2016 Horace Mann Award in the US and the Robert Owen Award in Scotland for services to public education. Andy has been ranked by Education Week in the top 10 scholars with most influence on US education policy debate. In 2015, Boston College gave him its Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award. He holds Honorary Doctorates from the Education University of Hong Kong and the University of Uppsala in Sweden. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Keynote: Collaborative professionalism: when teaching together means learning for all

In teaching, as in other areas of life, if you want a good return, you have to make an investment. This means selecting and developing the human capital of teachers’ knowledge, qualifications and motivation. It also means developing their social capital – their capacity to collaborate or work together.
But not all ways of collaborating are effective! Collaboration can feel forced and artificial. It can also be too vague and poorly focused.  In this keynote address, based on his book published in June 2018, Andy Hargreaves sets out his new research insights on collaborative professionalism – ways of working together that help all students learn and be well. Andy draws on his new research on 5 designs for collaborative professionalism in 5 different countries – teacher-led professional learning communities, lesson study, collaborative planning networks, and more. Andy shows how true collaborative professionalism builds deep and trusting relationships along with precise tools and protocols that improve feedback and deepen dialogue among educators.

Collaborative professionalism is an issue for all schools everywhere including the unique circumstances of International Schools that bring together teachers from many cultures and backgrounds in an environment where the quality of human capital is extremely strong but turnover can be quite frequent.

Success and Well-Being: Opposites that Need to Attract
What’s the relationship between success and well-being for students and teachers? Is well-being a pre-requisite for academic success, or does success lead to well-being? Drawing on Professor Hargreaves’s upcoming book on Learning, Engagement and Wellbeing, this session will engage participants with their own understandings of the relationship between well-being and success and introduce them to examples of how other schools go about making the connection.  

Leading from the Middle
Should change be led from the bottom up or the top down? This workshop draws on Andy Hargreaves’s 2019 book to explore how there is a third way – leading from the middle. Like the middle child and middle age, what’s in the middle often gets overlooked. But what’s in the middle is the center, the spine, the heart and soul of what we do with our students in our schools. When educators get closer to each other in leading from the middle, they also get closer to the students they serve and to their learning and development

Drawing on his research on educational reform for learning, equity and well-being in Canada, on developing networks for student engagement among schools in the Pacific NW, and on unusually high performance in different sectors, Andy Hargreaves will show how educators in schools and across schools can and should work together to initiate, implement and diffuse change that benefits many students beyond their own individual classes.

Leading from the middle addresses what school leaders and system leaders can do to ensure every child gets great teaching every year.

Professional Learning communities
This session picks up one of the cases of collaborative professionalism from Professor Hargreaves’s presentation and explores how teachers can and should lead engagement with their colleagues professionally to enhance students’ learning and development together.


EduTech 2021 – Virtual Edition

EduTech 2021

Join us in “EduTech 2021 – Virtual Edition” for an afternoon of collaboration and learning made by Teachers for Teachers. Explore creative ideas to find out how educators make informed use of technology to deeply engage their students and enhance their learing journey.

Follow this link to find out more and sign up for this fantastic event organized by Institut Le Rosey.