Until he retired in January 2016, Jim Parsons was a professor in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta (Canada) for 40 years. His areas of scholarship include Religious and Moral Education, Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction, and Research Design.

Jim has authored more than 100 books and 200 articles. His recent research activities are in the areas of (1) teacher professional learning and teacher efficacy, (2) assessment capacity, and (3) instructional leadership.

Jim’s most recent co-authored book is Engaging in Action Research: A Practical Guide to Teacher-Conducted Research for Educators and School Leaders.

He currently lives on Vancouver Island with his wife Nikki (also an educator) and his two daughters Olivia (Grade 4) and Gisella (Grade 2). He continues to work with schools who wish to become sites of action research. He is the Executive Editor of the Canadian Journal for Teacher Research.

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