Job Description

The Swiss Group of International Schools actively supports the continuous improvement of its member schools by creating opportunities for collaboration and connection.
The SGIS values professional development experiences as opportunities to fulfil the mission through collaboration and connection. The Professional Development Coordinator plays a key role in identifying and promoting a variety of professional learning sharing experiences for member schools.

The role:

  • Create  an SGIS Professional Development Leaders collaborative group to promote the sharing of ideas and expertise
  • Liaise  with the SGIS Collaborative Learning Groups (eg: job-alike groups) to provide an overview of leaders, meetings and activities for distribution and promotion to all of the SGIS member schools
  • Work closely with existing Focus Groups (eg: intercultural learning) ensuring that these are promoted across all member schools. Create new Focus Groups according to members’ interests. Seek opportunities to provide wider SGIS Professional Development for the Focus Groups’ areas
  • Communicate regularly with the designated SGIS Board Member and present an annual report to the Board

The PD Coordinator skills and qualities:

  • A passion for professional learning
  • Experience of coordinating professional development opportunities ● Strong communication skills (in more than one language desirable)
  • Interpersonal and networking skills
  • Strong organisation and time management
  • Flexibility and versatility

The PD Coordinator is a staff member at one of the SGIS member schools.
Salary: 5000 CHF yearly for approximately 80 hours across the school year. (The salary will be paid through the PD Coordinator’s school (via invoice to SGIS) and is subject to applicable taxes and social charges. In addition, travel costs to the SGIS AGM and attendance at the annual SGIS Conference will be paid.

SGIS do not accept CV's. For information on vacancies advertised or queries about positions available in Switzerland please contact schools directly. Please send your CV to the relevant school site.