Primary School

Our Mission

We are a community of learners determined to make the world – or our corner of it – a better, kinder place. We reflect our values in everything we do so that we make the most of opportunities and challenges in a spirit of
enthusiastic inquiry

Our Vision

We help every student turn learning into action, creating opportunities for students to stretch themselves further and achieve more than they believe possible.

General Description

The position is a full time teaching role to cover a 2 months maternity leave (from April 2022 until the end of the school year). The German Teacher is responsible for cultivating a passion for inquiry among students and for working collaboratively with Primary School colleagues to develop engaging and inspirational learning experiences. The successful candidate will have German as their first language and be expected to use the Primary Years Program (PYP) curriculum framework to work with students with a diverse range of talents and abilities. In addition, all teachers participate in our after-school activities and sports programme.

The German Teacher is expected to:

While working with ISZL Students

  • Cultivate a learning environment that values students as key drivers of their learning
  • Use a variety of different teaching strategies and resources to create learning experiences that offer multiple access points and opportunities for students to apply their understanding in meaningful ways
  • Effectively manage the interplay between emotional well-being, motivation and cognition as vital aspects of learning
  • Design learning that allows for students to inquire into diverse viewpoints, address misconceptions, and solve problems together in respectful, equitable ways
  • Create learning opportunities that allow for students to acquire basic communication skills and, as appropriate, develop academic language in German
  • Provide regular formative and summative feedback to enable both students and teachers to receive guidance that is actionable
  • Participate in Personal Development Week (experiential education trip) and our clubs and activities programme

While working with ISZL Colleagues

  • Collaborate with colleagues to ensure grade level and school-wide philosophical alignment
  • Collaborate within the German and grade level teams to review, develop and refine the units of inquiry in order to enable students to make connections between the subject areas and real-life, global contexts
  • Participate in grade level, divisional and schoolwide meetings
  • Engage with colleagues reflectively to deepen practice and learn from each other through regular meetings, lesson observations and professional development opportunities
  • Contribute to the smooth running of the school through performing regular duties and being familiar with school policies

While working with ISZL Parents and External Community

  • Value parents as a true partner in the learning process
  • Provide regular and appropriate contact with parents to share feedback on academic performance, social integration and general progress
  • Display student work to showcase their learning and accomplishments
  • Engage collaboratively with parents at information evenings and for individual conferences

Required and Preferred Qualifications

  • Please refer to ISZL’s Candidate Profile
  • The candidate should hold a recognised teaching qualification or certification.
  • Candidates with knowledge of the PYP curriculum framework and experience teaching within a pedagogy of inquiry-based learning, are preferred.


Compensation for this position will be commensurate with the responsibilities of the position.

Application Process

  • Submit one PDF with a letter of interest and CV via the application link found in the Employment section of ISZL’s website

Key ISZL Reference Documents

Child Protection

ISZL is committed to the use of the International Task Force on Child Protection screening and assessment practices for schools for all hiring processes.