(Organisation suisse d'aide aux réfugiés (OSAR))

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature and a Master’s degree in German Literature, I worked as a middle school teacher and as an adult educator for German. At the same time, I was finalizing my Federal Trainer Diploma. I then worked a couple of years as a social worker. Nevertheless, my predilection area being migration and integration, I started looking for an opening in the vast world of NGOs.

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to look for a long time. I’ve started working for the Swiss Refugee Council in January 2021 as a training co-manager in French-speaking Switzerland.


A qui accorder la protection en Suisse?

Les participant-e-s vivent les différentes étapes de la procédure d’asile en Suisse, investi-e-s des rôles de parlementaires ou de fonctionnaires. Il leur est ainsi demandé de déterminer les critères visant à accepter ou à rejeter une demande d’asile et de se prononcer sur la requête d’une personne réfugiée. Avec le témoignage d’un-e intervenant-e sur son propre parcours de réfugié-e ».

“Who can hope for the protection of Switzerland”

Participants reflect on the different stages of the asylum procedure in Switzerland. They are questioned about the reasons for fleeing and the criteria for accepting or rejecting an asylum application in Switzerland. Includes a testimony by a refugee”.