Amy Bray is Director of Another Way, a UK environmental education charity she founded when she was 16. Through Another Way, she has planted over 30 000 trees, has given talks on climate change, plastic pollution and sustainable living to schools, community groups, businesses and events, and has created numerous resources and certifications to empower people to live more kindly with our planet.  Amy is a committee member for the UN Decade of Ocean Science, and has received a number of prizes including the Cumbria Woman of the Year in 2019 and the UK Prime Minister's Point of Light Award for her work. She is currently in her third year studying Marine Biology at the University of Exeter.

Amy will talk about her experiences as a young campaigner at school, her story founding Another Way, how young people can be equipped with the tools they need to help solve the climate crisis, and how we can all make a difference.  She will also describe Another Way’s new Power of Ten project, a network that will bring together young changemakers from around the world and provide them with the skills and resources to carry out successful environmental projects in their schools. She will also talk about how teachers can support their students in becoming empowered young people with the skills they need to lead and thrive in the environmental or social justice sector.


The Power of Ten: empowering young people to find Another Way

Young people today are faced with an overwhelming global polycrisis; disconnect from nature, poor mental and physical health, climate change and biodiversity loss, conflict and economic instability. How do we help young people convert the natural anxiety and fear that stems from this into agency and empowerment? Amy will explore how she found her footing at school in environmental campaigning, the barriers that she faced and the solutions that would have helped her. She will pull from her experience working with schools across the UK to try to equip teachers with the knowledge to support their students in becoming proactive, creative and confident campaigners in the environmental and social justice space and explain how Another Way’s Power of Ten movement will facilitate that.