Before starting as a Director for the NEASC Commission on International Education, Jeff served as a NEASC Commission Member and Visitor from 2009-2015. From 2008-2016, he was a partner at Educators’ Collaborative, an executive search and consulting firm, assisting schools worldwide with leadership recruiting and development, strategic planning, and governance. In 2012 Jeff co-founded OESIS Group – a US and international partnership of K-12 thought leaders and practitioners aimed at sparking conversations and innovations to support best practices of teaching and learning in an increasingly globalized world.

Jeff was founding Director of School Year Abroad/Italy and served as Headmaster of TASIS-The American School in Switzerland.

He earned both his BA (Philosophy) and MA (English Literature) from Georgetown University.


Hot off the Press: NEASC ACE Learning 2.0

After five years of inspiring schools to transform themselves into 21st-century learning environments with ACE Learning 1.0, NEASC is launching ACE Learning 2.0. in 2023. Join us to explore the refreshed ACE Ecosystem, and new resources and learn about key improvements. ACE Learning 2.0, the latest version of our accreditation protocol which provides a framework for schools to envision the next steps in their evolution toward becoming a highly impactful, high-performing learning community. The presenters will share the new materials, highlight some of the key improvements and then lead the participants through several activities where they can explore the Learning Principles more deeply.  Learners will choose a few prompts and provocations from the Learning Principles and discuss them with individuals from other schools, modeling the internal reflection process used by NEASC schools.

Learning objectives:

  • Learners will be introduced to the new ACE Ecosystem 2.0
  • Learners will explore one of the new ACE Learning Principles
  • Learners will discuss several prompts and provocations from within the ACE Learning Principles and ground them in their own work.

How might participants translate your session into action to have impact in schools?
Schools that are engaged with NEASC and ACE Learning will get a sneak peek at the new ACE Learning 2.0 which will allow them to begin to plan for their future accreditation cycle.  Participants who are not at a school engaged with ACE will get a flavor of what ACE Learning is about and they may if they wish sign up for future training to become a NEASC visiting team member.