Jenny Mosley is a national and international educational consultant, author and publisher. Based in the UK, with 45 years of experience in schools.  Jenny has developed her ‘Golden Model’ approach for Early Years and Primary, interweaving rafts of key ideas promoting staff and pupil wellbeing, listening systems, positive behaviour, school values and calmer lunchtimes and playtimes. With the aim of creating safe learning communities where all children and adults feel valued, respected and listened to, Jenny is in great demand for her inspiring talks and motivational workshops. Jenny’s key areas of expertise include staffrooms, classrooms, dining halls and playgrounds.  All of Jenny’s systems promote wellbeing in schools. Her ‘Five Wells for Wellbeing’ were adopted by the National College for School Leadership, UK.

Jenny has taught MEds in Education at two universities and her work has been featured many times in the press and aired on the BBC.  Jenny travels tirelessly to work with staff and children in schools across the UK and internationally.

More recently, Jenny has created therapeutic training resources aimed at School Recovery and continues to create online resources so that schools can access her support for positive relationships, respectful school communities, speaking and really listening to each other and, importantly, fun, games and enjoyment at school.