Hosted by the Institut International de Lancy, Geneva, March 20 and 21, 2015

“What are you trying to say?”
Language, communications and technology in the 21st century learning environment

Over the years, SGIS has endeavoured to ensure that the Annual SGIS Conference themes and topics are both relevant and stimulating for our members. Also we have been increasingly aware of the importance for the Conference environment to be conducive to provoking reflection, encouraging delegates’ active participation, promoting debate, and generating enquiry. Moreover, it is our firm conviction that it is a unique opportunity to maintain and, even more importantly, to foster interaction between our teaching communities at all levels thus maximizing the benefits for all those in our care.

SGIS is therefore looking forward to March 2015 when the Institut International de Lancy, Geneva will be our host. New ground will be broken as it will be the very first bilingual SGIS Annual Conference and, in that respect, Institut International de Lancy, Geneva is a most appropriate venue. As for the focus of the Conference (“What are you trying to say?” Language, communications and technology in the 21st century learning environment), I am sure that you will concur that it could not be more relevant as we confront the myriad challenges of a communication and learning environment that is constantly changing.

So, then, what better time than in our March 2015 gathering, to be debating and asking ourselves, with some prompting and cajoling from accomplished speakers and facilitators, the following key questions and issues:

  • How well are we doing, individually and collectively in embracing the new technologies that can enhance communication and learning?
  • What can we do more, or better, to effectively harness technologies and other means of facilitating communication and learning?
  • How can we keep pace with the challenges and issues that new communication technologies present?
  • As educators/teachers are we fully or appropriately attuned and sensitive to the skills and needs of our students -- those most experienced and savvy users of technology par excellence?
  • What lessons are there to be learnt from our own school communities? How can we share and disseminate these?





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