After a teaching career in the People’s Republic of China, Switzerland and the UK, as an MYP & DP teacher (for Languages A & B, Theory of Knowledge and Music) in both English- and French-speaking schools, as well as a member of school leadership teams (Head of Modern Languages or Head of IB) or a writer for pedagogical books, Rémy is now working for the International Baccalaureate at the IB Global Centre in The Hague (Netherlands) as IB World Schools Manager. This department, created in 2017, is dedicated to support IB authorised schools in delivering a quality IB education. On top of leading various projects for the IB, Rémy’s two main roles consist in being the voice of schools inside the IB in order to defend their needs and in evaluating schools in a supportive manner that create development opportunities for each school.

IB Evaluation: transforming a frightening process into a way to strengthen your programmes
This session will look at ways on how a school can transform the evaluation from a one-off event to a continuous process of school improvement. We will go through the various standards and practices, and see how to use them as an improvement factor for each school. Criteria are keys to move forward; we must therefore understand them well and look at them through the context of our own school. Each school is different; therefore each evaluation is different. A well-guided self-study is the best journey towards strengthening the implementation of any programme. Let’s start it together!


EduTech 2021 – Virtual Edition

EduTech 2021

Join us in “EduTech 2021 – Virtual Edition” for an afternoon of collaboration and learning made by Teachers for Teachers. Explore creative ideas to find out how educators make informed use of technology to deeply engage their students and enhance their learing journey.

Follow this link to find out more and sign up for this fantastic event organized by Institut Le Rosey.