Ross Morrison McGill is the founder of @TeacherToolkit; an experienced teacher and school leader who has worked in some of the most challenging schools in London over the past three decades. He is one of the ‘most followed educators on Twitter in the UK’ and managing director Teacher Toolkit. In December 2015, he was nominated for The Sunday Times ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain 2015‘ and remains the only classroom teacher to have featured … He is currently training teachers across the U.K.; a PGCE tutor and studying for his EdD at Cambridge University.


  • Whole-school leadership; teaching and learning; social media
  • Teacher workload, wellbeing, and mental health.

Keynote: Teacher Habits- Dispelling Myths and Bias
Social Media – getting the most out of Media Strategies

(repeated on Friday)

  • improve and develop strategies incorporating social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • widen and deepen their understanding of social media, particularly free online scheduling platforms, and how this can be applied across a range of activities including recruitment, governance and sharing positive stories
  • increase understanding of security and safeguarding concerns relating to use of social media

Mark Plan Teach sessions:
With teacher workload and mental health issues at record levels, ideas that work in the classroom to alleviate workload and support teacher wellbeing are essential. In this workshop, Ross will explain ‘what teachers can do in the classroom’ and ‘why and how’ they work. Pitched to help manage teacher wellbeing as well as improve classroom effectiveness; supported by a wide range of research as well as psychological insights.

Then specifically for each one:


A cognitive process; the ‘so why?’ test.
The zone of proximal development
A flying start! Immersion and challenge.
The cognitive and emotional aspects of learning.
Teacher wellbeing: understanding & controlling anxiety.


What does current research say about assessment, planning & teaching?
A secure, psychological overview; emotions & behaviour
Verbal feedback and Live-marking
Feedback, confidence & motivation.
The cognitive & emotional aspects of learning.


Direct Instruction, UPR & nudge theory.
How teaching psychologically transforms into learning
Questioning and feedback
The cognitive and emotional aspects of learning.


EduTech 2021 – Virtual Edition

EduTech 2021

Join us in “EduTech 2021 – Virtual Edition” for an afternoon of collaboration and learning made by Teachers for Teachers. Explore creative ideas to find out how educators make informed use of technology to deeply engage their students and enhance their learing journey.

Follow this link to find out more and sign up for this fantastic event organized by Institut Le Rosey.