Professor Jim Parsons

Until he retired in January 2016, Jim Parsons was a professor in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta (Canada) for 40 years. His areas of scholarship include Religious and Moral Education, Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction, and Research Design.

Jim has authored more than 100 books and 200 articles. His recent research activities are in the areas of (1) teacher professional learning and teacher efficacy, (2) assessment capacity, and (3) instructional leadership.

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Suzanna Prout

Suzanna is the Managing Director and Founder of Xenonex.  Prior to setting up Xenonex, Suzanna was a Senior Business Coach for KPMG LLP and coached the Senior Partner and Director population across the UK. Previously, Suzanna was a Senior Consultant in People and Change Management at KPMG. She is highly qualified in the coaching and mentoring sector, holding a Post Graduate Certificate in Executive and Business Coaching (Leeds Metropolitan University) and an advanced Coaching Certificate (KPMG).

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