Monica Neagoy is a bilingual author ( international consultant, and popular keynote speaker with a contagious passion for mathematics. In addition to authoring books, her 25-year mathematics career has included national leadership roles, teacher professional development, math specialist training, conference speeches, live television courses, video creation and hosting, math apps conception, and live math shows including her popular MathMagic Show.

Whether in the U.S., Europe, or elsewhere, whether presenting in English, French, or Spanish, whether working with teachers, parents, or students, Monica’s life-long goal has been to infuse people with a fascination for the beauty, power, and wonder of mathematics.

Having begun her teaching career in Georgetown University Mathematics Department and been a program director at the National Science Foundation thereafter, her knowledge of higher mathematics enables her to empower teachers and parents to appreciate the bridges from early mathematics to advanced abstract mathematics.

Dr. Neagoy’s expertise with professional development spans grades PreK to 12. After working many years at the high school level, creating over 50 videos for the middle and high school grades, including two series for Discovery Education and The Annenberg Channel, over the past decade she has focused much of her work, in Europe and America, on grades PreK to 8. She’s convinced that if children enter middle school disenchanted with mathematics, the probability to rekindle their love for mathematics is slim.

Examples of Publications:

  • In 2006 Discovery Education published a set of 10 DVDs (in English) titled Discovering Algebra with Graphing Calculators, for high school teachers and students, written and hosted by Dr. Neagoy ( )
  • In 2010 T3 (T-cubed) Europe published a set of demonstration videos (in French) on teaching advanced mathematics with the TI-CAS. See an example here:
  • 2012 and 2014, Corwin Press published two books (in English) authored by Dr. Neagoy titled, Planting The Seeds of Algebra, PreK-2 and Planting the Seeds of Algebra, 3-5 (
  • In 2014, La Librairie des Écoles in Paris invited her to direct a brand new adaptation of Singapore Mathematics to the French Math Standards (in French): Maths Méthode Singapour (
  • In 2017, ASCD ( will be coming out with her latest book (in English) for teachers of grades 3 through 7, titled Unpacking Fractions: Classroom-Tested Strategies to Build Students' Mathematical Understanding.

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