Melanne Maddalene Randall is a graduate of Auburn University and the Medical College of Georgia, resulting in degrees in both Occupational Therapy and Pediatric Neurology. She specializes in the treatment of Sensory-Integration and Neurodevelopmental disorders, and is an AOTA, NBCOT and HPC registered Occupational Therapist. 

She has developed a variety of clinical practices in both the US, UK, Europe, UAE, Russia and Kenya, focusing on the treatment of premature infants; babies and   toddlers in early intervention; and children in both public and private school programs. 

She is the founder/director of Maximum Potential, a progressive therapy service that provides direct OT, PT, and SLT treatment in the US, the UK, Moscow/St. Petersburg, the UAE, the EU, and Kenya. Melanne has had an active paediatric private practice specializing in Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Therapy for 30 years.

Additionally, she consults to clinical and educational programs in the US, UK, Russia, UAE, Europe and Africa and conducts Sensory Integration workshops for doctors, parents, educators and therapists in the international arena.

Mathematics Teaching Conference in Switzerland

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