Position description

We are looking for an experienced, flexible and engaging educator with expertise in Computer Science and Technology.
You will teach two or three classes, including Computer Science, during the academic morning hours, six days a week. You will also support faculty in integration of technology and digital literacy instruction across the curriculum. In the afternoon, you will offer an enrichment course which draws on additional skills and passions you possess.
Together with at least one other faculty member, you will lead a residential ‘family group’ in a boarding house. You will participate in and lead other aspects of community life, for example cleaning duty, community service groups, cultural festivals and celebrations, and outdoor activities including multi-day hikes.

Essential Criteria

  1. Experience teaching Computer Science.
  2. Ability to work with colleagues one-on-one to support technology integration in the classroom, and to offer professional development workshops on technology in education for all faculty.
  3. Experience teaching small, mixed-ability groups from diverse language backgrounds using an inquiry-based instructional model and diversified instruction
  4. Willingness to contribute to all other aspects of school life; experience in a student-support role
  5. Ability to provide detailed written and verbal feedback on student progress, rather than relying on grades
  6. Experience teaching a specialist subject in one or more of creative arts, sport, outdoor education, technical skills, handcrafts and/or experience in student academic support/tutoring
  7. English fluency, written and spoken.

Desirable Criteria

  1. Ability to teach other academic courses in mathematics and/or science
  2. Ability to start a robotics club for students
  3. Experience in a boarding setting
  4. Outdoor education (hike leader) certification
  5. Ability to supervise students completing college-level extended research projects, and teach research skills
  6. Familiarity with German language.

Position commences 20 August 2020. Please apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the school

The Ecole d’Humanite is a progressive, international boarding school in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The Ecole offers an American academic program in English, and a Swiss academic program taught in German, to 120 students from over 20 different countries. Our 40 staff members live together with students in a dynamic, multilingual community that fosters the discovery and development of individual talents – academic, artistic, practical, athletic, and social. The community atmosphere encourages self-determination, innovation, and acceptance. Ecole students are diverse, independent learners and leaders, who are globally aware and capable of meaningful collaboration with adults and peers.

The Ecole has a long and proud history in the traditions of the progressive education movement which still guides our practice today. At the core of our philosophy and mission statement is a belief in the uniqueness of each student, and a commitment to providing an educational experience that enables each student to reach his or her potential. In practice, this philosophy influences everything we do. Student voice permeates all aspects of life at the Ecole - student requests, wishes, interests and plans are the first step of the course planning and term scheduling process. Students choose their own classes and put together their own schedule with assistance from teacher advisors. Student feedback sessions are built into the term schedule, and the weekly school assembly takes a discussion format, where all members of the school community have the opportunity to share their opinions on discussion topics. Student empowerment is a cornerstone of our work, making the Ecole both a challenging and rewarding place to teach and live.

The Ecole also strives to foster an active, physical connection between students and the natural world through our accredited outdoor education program. Elements include skiing and snowboarding (we are located at the base of a large ski area), hiking (all students participate in a 4-day hike in the fall and a 6-day hike in the spring, in the Swiss and Italian Alps), climbing, bouldering, orienteering, and mountain biking.

Working at the Ecole

Highlights of working at our unique school include: small classes of 5-12 students, a teaching load of three morning academic classes that meet six days a week, independent student investigations, and the ability for faculty to tailor their own curriculum in accordance with their intellectual passions and expertise.

In the afternoons and evenings, teachers lead a variety of enrichment activities (sports, music, theater, arts, farming, performance, handcrafts, outdoor programs) based on their own talents and interests. Students and teachers make the most of the school’s magnificent Alpine location through an extensive outdoor education program, hiking and climbing in the autumn and spring, and skiing or snowboarding in the winter.

Students live in small “Ecole Family” groups with 2-3 teachers (teachers live in private apartments) for 6-10 young people. There is an emphasis on responsible community living and student involvement in all facets of daily school life, from school upkeep to curriculum planning. Faculty lead weekly activities for the family group, and provide individual social and emotional support.

SGIS Annual General Meeting 2020

The SGIS AGM on Thursday 19th March at the Hotel President Wilson has been postponed. Further information soon.