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SGISCHOOLS - Swiss Group of International Schools

Date Sports event Host Location Category
Tue, 30. May 2017 St George's Clarens / Montreux SGIS
Wed, 31. May 2017 Berne - SGIS
Thu, 1. June 2017 Le Rosey - Invitational
Sun, 4. June 2017 ISL - Invitational
Tue, 6. June 2017 ISZL HS Astroturf Hünenberg SGIS
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Sigrid Ott-Benson: pioneer of International Education

Sigrid Ott-Benson was a pioneer with a life of adventures. She spent her youth in the beautiful plains of North Dakota, USA and lived her later years in the picturesque Alpine village of Leysin, Switzerland. Her life’s experiences influenced her to become a leader in the international education movement.

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