Andy Cope

Andy Cope describes himself as a qualified teacher, author and learning junkie.

Andy is currently studying happiness, flourishing and engagement as part of a Loughborough University PhD thesis. His research feeds into a training course called ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ which has been delivered to rave reviews all over the world.

Andy is lucky enough to work with some very large businesses, including Microsoft, DHL, Pirelli, Pfizer, Hewlett Packard, Astra Zeneca and IKEA. Recently, he has tailored his workshops to meet the needs of children and teachers and now delivers to audiences from age 8 upwards!

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Tanja Florenthal

Tanja will explain how it is to live in Switzerland and produce less than 2 garbage bags a year for a family of four. Tanja will share her (almost) Zero Waste journey and show that leading an (almost) Zero Waste lifestyle is simple, economical, healthy, fun, and feasible for everyone.

Tanja is the academic director of Cesar Ritz Colleges, a leading institution in the fields of hospitality and culinary. She calls her journey a liberating process and will explain how she made her two young kids enjoy homemade ketchup and how her husband felt when he received homemade hair gel for his birthday.

Kate Hookham

Senior Consultant for Mindstretchers Ltd
Contact:  +44 (0) 1764 650030

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mindstretchers is a dynamic company of people dedicated to providing children with multi-sensory and real-world educational experiences. We support our clients through training, consultancy, educational products and guided visits to our Nature Kindergarten. Auchlone was the first Nature Kindergarten to open in Scotland, in 2006, and leads the way in developing creative, highly consultative and naturalistic learning environments for young children.

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Curtis Jobling

The designer of worldwide hit television show 'Bob the Builder', and international best-selling author of numerous children’s books, Curtis lives with his family in Cheshire, England. 

Early work on ‘Wallace & Gromit’ and ‘Mars Attacks!’ led to him picking up his crayons in 1997 to design the BAFTA winning ‘Bob’. His own animated series, ‘Frankenstein’s Cat’ and ‘Raa Raa the Noisy Lion’, can both be seen on the BBC. His acclaimed picture books, ‘Old MacDonald Had a Zoo’ and ‘The Sheep Won’t Sleep’, are published by Egmont.

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Dr Brian Marien

Brian trained in medicine, gained a Masters in Health Psychology from Surrey University, and went on to train in cognitive and behavioural psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, London. He worked as a specialist in the Academic Department of Psychological Medicine, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, where he was involved in clinical practice, research and education. Initially the main focus of his work was on the causes and con sequences of stress. He wrote his Masters’ thesis on ‘burnout’. Over the past ten years Brian has worked collaboratively with a team of highly experienced doctors, psychologists and executive coaches at the Positive Group, drawing on the latest advances in neuroscience, psychology and the medical sciences, to create a range of programmes specifically designed to improve psychological health, engagement and per formance in the workplace.

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Alain Muller

Chocolate: past, present, and future

Did you know that the world’s supply of chocolate is melting away?
Alain Muller is the Programme Manager at the Culinary Arts Academy, the leading Culinary institution in Switzerland. He will explain the history of chocolate and attempt to look into the future of the world’s favourite sweet.

Alain has extensive industry and academia experience and he will dive into the mystery of chocolate, past, present and future.

Lucie Mottier Lopez

Lucie Mottier Lopez est professeure ordinaire à la Faculté de Psychologie et des Sciences de l’éducation à l’Université de Genève. Ses recherches concernent l’évaluation et la régulation des apprentissages dans les systèmes d’enseignement. Elle est auteure de plusieurs articles, chapitres et livres sur l’évaluation en salle de classe (évaluation formative et sommative, jugement professionnel des enseignants, pratiques de modération sociale, évaluation collaborative). Elle dirige le groupe de recherche EReD (évaluation, régulation et différenciation des apprentissages) qui a mené des recherches collaboratives visant à produire des savoirs sur les pratiques d’évaluation des enseignants et à soutenir le développement professionnel de ces derniers.

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Doris Perrodin

Spécialiste de l’éducation des enfants et des adolescents à haut potentiel, dipl. ECHA (European Council for High Ability)
Responsable de regroupement d’élèves HP pendant de nombreuses années
Coach d’études pour des élèves surdoués avec ou sans difficultés scolaires
Conseillère pour des projets d’accompagnement d’élèves HP dans différents établissements
Formatrice dans les Hautes Ecoles Pédagogiques en Suisse romande
Conférences et ateliers en Suisse et à l’étranger

Auteure : Et si elle était surdouée ? SZH/CSPS, 2015
Co-Auteure avec O. Revol et R. Poulin : 100 idées pour accompagner les enfants à haut potentiel, Editions Tom Pousse, 2015
Site internet :

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Will Richardson

A parent of two teen-agers, Will Richardson has spent the last dozen years developing an international reputation as a leading thinker and writer about the intersection of social online learning networks and education. He was one of a handful of original education bloggers ( and his work has appeared in numerous journals, newspapers, and magazines such as Ed Leadership, District Administration, Education Week, and English Journal. He is an outspoken advocate for change in schools and classrooms in the context of the diverse new learning opportunities that the Web and other technologies now offer, and has worked with educators in over 20 countries to understand the opportunities and challenges of learning in the modern world. In 2017, he was named one of 100 global "Changemakers in Education" by the Finnish site HundrED.

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Oliver Rizzi Carlson

Since completing an MA in Peace Education at the University for Peace (UPEACE), Oliver has worked in this field with several organizations.

Former editor of the newsletter of the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE), he is the representative at the UN for the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders), and a Board member of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace (GAMIP). In 2010, he was also part of the Youth Team that prepared the World Report from Civil Society at the End of the Decade for a Culture of Peace. His work at the international level, however, finds true meaning in the direct facilitation of various activities around peace learning with youth as well as adults.

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Karen Wilding

Karen Wilding is an independent primary mathematics consultant within the UK and internationally supporting schools in providing high-quality learning for every child. Having taught for over twenty years in the primary sector and led school improvement as an Early Years adviser and mathematics consultant, she brings a wealth of experiences, knowledge and passion to her role.

Karen’s training focuses upon the need for sustained and continuous development in teacher pedagogy and subject knowledge with her sessions regularly described as ‘inspirational, thought-provoking and refreshing’.

Recent opportunities to visit and learn from two of the highest performing jurisdictions in Japan (Lesson Study) and Northern Italy (Reggio Emilia ‘100 Languages’) has further fuelled her quest to make the most effective research and practice available to all educators.

Gala dinner

The Gala dinner will be held at Le Bouveret Cesar Ritz Campus with a special invite to all Gala Dinner delegates to visit the Anton Mosimann Museum.
Click here for further information.

** As the Geneva Car Show will be taking place accommodation may be difficult if you do not book early.

There are many hotels in Montreux. Here are a list of hotels suggested by the Swiss Education Group.

Please ask when booking if they have any special rates for delegates attending the Swiss Education Group conference March 2018.

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Sigrid Ott-Benson: pioneer of International Education

Sigrid Ott-Benson was a pioneer with a life of adventures. She spent her youth in the beautiful plains of North Dakota, USA and lived her later years in the picturesque Alpine village of Leysin, Switzerland. Her life’s experiences influenced her to become a leader in the international education movement.

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